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Tradewinds Caravans

Tradewinds Caravans

Take a ride on the Silk Road and claim your fortunes as the best trade caravan in the East. Tradewinds Caravan is a game that has you as a manager of a trading caravan that travels on foot across ancient cities buying, selling, and running errands to make a profit. Beware of bandits though, as your precious goods could be in danger of being robbed, unless you hire some extra muscle to fight them off. The Old World is filled with riches and dangers and your trading company is destined to obtain and conquer them.

Tradewinds Caravan is a game that has you essentially running a business in all aspects. You deal with important people such as emperors or priests that need favors from you in return for money, you have to keep a balanced budget or else the caravan goes under, and for security purposes you need to hire guys with swords or bow and arrows to defend the company’s name and stuff. It’s like becoming the manager of a business, which has to walk to cities around the lands to do business.

This is an enjoyable game. You get a lot of freedom to make as much money and status without a lot of confusion. Certain things that makes this game stand out among others is the whole managing style and the banking system. You can save money or take out a loan, all with interest, and all in ancient times. It was strange how complex a trading caravan could get but that’s also what made this game good. I give Tradewinds Caravan a 4 out of 5 stars. I need to start investing in rice and tea cause it seems like the market’s good now.

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