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Supercow And MacPinball

Supercow And MacPinball

Supercow Review

Action, adventure and…dairy? Yes, dairy. Sunny Valley is in danger and the only animal that can help is Supercow. The evil criminal Professor Durianti is on the loose and is terrorizing the local farm. Only a true spotted hero can save the farm from his evil animals.

Supercow is an adventure, action game that pits Supercow against the evil animals that roam the levels. The object of each stage is to kill all the enemies and collect all the coins. Each stage has a secret area as well, where the most valuable coins and gems are hidden.
MacPinball Review

Head back to the local arcade and bring your quarters, as the classic game of pinball meets your home computer. Mac Pinball is a simple concept: pinball without being at a pinball machine and kicking it when you lose. This pinball has all the loops and noises that people have been addicted to for decades. Along with multiple tables, Mac Pinball is full of all your pinball needs.

As far as gameplay, Mac Pinball has the left and right bumpers that respond well but can be tough to time. I guess you can’t replicate the feel of hitting the buttons on the sides of the machine so it takes some getting used to. Shooting the pinball out of the chute and into the mess of bumpers and lights is heart warming and brings back frustrating memories as I fail to keep the ball up to those bumpers and lights.

Pinball games are not all that complex. This one especially is just pinball. Aside from its simple design, this game is not perfect. The graphics look like the makers were trying to get into a 3D game but the designer gave up halfway through. On top of that a lot of bugs occurred while I was playing. Balls would go through bumpers and that’s kind of annoying considering that’s how someone wins the game. I’m pretty sure the creator’s fixed this in the full game, but the game still could use an update. I give Mac Pinball a 3 out of 5 stars. A simple game doesn’t always mean a fun game.