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Shutter Island Review

Shutter Island Review

Have you ever wished you could be in the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC? Well, now you can (kinda) with Spell-Jam! This game, sponsored by Meriam Websters, is the non-genius’ way to rise to spelling glory, all from the comfort of your home computer.

There are three modes in Spell-Jam: Gameshow, Tournament and Practice. The gameshow is like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” for spelling. You can choose from three difficulties (advanced is very difficult) and work your way up the money list. Tournament is a chance to take place in an actual spelling bee, where you can compete against multiple competitors, including other people. Practice is self-explanatory; you practice spelling.

The gameplay is basically the same in every mode. The Gameshow mode allows you some more options, like pass, vowels, first and last letters, etc. These help you to get past hard words or words you have never heard before. But, you have a set amount of these, so use them with caution. All the modes have the same four options under the keyboard: Repeat Word, Sentence, Definition, and Origin. These are the basic aids that are available at all spelling bees.

This game was kind of fun, if you enjoy spelling. I enjoyed it for a while, but as I continued playing, I came to realize how bad I was at spelling. Other than that, the only problem I had was during the Tournament mode, I was not able to go back and change typing errors that I made, making it incredibly frustrating and tedious (maybe that is what a spelling bee is supposed to be like). I also got a little fed up with my animated character who repeated the same three phrases (like “Fo Sho” and “Cool”) after answering every question. Also, when you click on the aids, the character is prompted to ask the question before the help pops up. This becomes very monotonous and bored me to no end. All in all, this game was fairly ok and I would give it two and a half out of five stars.