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Once Upon a Time in Chicago Review

Once Upon a Time in Chicago Review

Once Upon a Time in Chicago is like a bingo/keno/lottery play with a little sim built into it. The name of the game is chance and if you win big, you can buy enterprises to advance. You are a naïve tourist visiting the big city, Chicago, in the roaring 20s, and you are robbed of everything except $50. The only way to make more money is to go to the wild casinos full of gangsters and their molls.

There is a spinning wheel with 6 numbers and 6 cards with corresponding numbers. If you get a match, you drag the ball from the wheel to the card with the same number. Once one of your cards is filled, it will turn over for a mini game. This game is like the lottery scratch cards where you uncover matching numbers and you get that amount for your winnings.

As you increase in your levels, there are more and more power ups to use during your play of 10 rounds. If you see a gun, it is a wild ball and can be used in any position on the cards. You might get a bomb that will confuse one of your 5 opponents so he/she will forget to make a move for 10 seconds. Your opponents are listed on the right side in winning order. You will see how well you do by watching your avatar move up and down the column. If you fill up 3 cards and do not play the mini game in the back right away, you will get a Super card to play for big winnings.

In addition to the play, you can buy enterprises with your winnings to get access to the elite casinos. These businesses will also increase your earnings.

Even though more interesting items are added to the game in later levels, it still is a very repetitive game. The artwork of Chicago in the 1920s is colorful and okay. Some of the cartoon characters are funny. Unless you want to play something relaxing, this game is very slow and a little boring. Also it is a little confusing even if you play the tutorial. The best way to figure out what to do is to play it. I still do not know what the center number does. Let me know if you figure it out.