Luxor Mah Jong – Mac Sunday
Luxor Mah Jong

Luxor Mah Jong

Luxor Mah Jong is an engaging mahjong Mac game with exciting power-ups and extras. This is a new angle to a very old traditional game.

There are 3 modes: Adventure, Single and Traditional. Adventure takes you on a journey across Egypt recovering stolen treasure. The game is a new mahjong based play with extras to help you pass any obstacles. You start by clicking 2 free matching tiles to remove them from the game board. Tiles are free when no tiles are to the left or right of it. Also you can remove 2 of the seasons or 2 flower tiles and they do not have to be exactly the same. In order to complete the level you must match 2 Ankh key tiles to unlock a door. Unlock all locks before time runs out, and remove as few tiles as possible within the shortest time period for the best score.

The sacred tiles make your task much easier by removing any tiles, matching any 2 tiles, clicking on 2 tiles and will switch their positions and for 30 seconds will show all matches of any tile you select. In addition to those helps you have the shuffle and undo buttons for assistance.

The Single mode has layouts and its bonuses from Adventure but not the storyline. The Traditional has no power-ups, and is the classic layout and play with an Egyptian theme.

Each mode has 3 difficulty levels from beginner to Expert so everyone can enjoy this relaxing and entertaining game. I liked this slant to the old mahjong game. It gave you a different experience with the Egyptian tiles (although some tiles used Chinese number characters), and the extras made the game even more pleasurable. If you like mahjong, try Luxor Mah Jong for a new twist to this fun pastime.