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Fizzball Review

Fizzball Review

Professor Fizzwizzle is back! And this time, his crazy robots are working for him. He has decided to use his new invention, the Fizzball, to help animals in trouble. This ball starts out small, but slowly grows in size, as more and more animals are collected. The game has more than 60 animals to save and 180 levels to maneuver through.

One of the first things the game asks is whether you want to set the game to regular or kids mode. I find this very considerate of the creators because they realize that their demographic reaches further than just the teen/adult bracket. Kids can pick up the game and play without becoming too frustrated with some of the harder levels. I thought this was a nice touch.

Additionally, the game provides more than the usual breakout game. There are special power-ups that create new situations for Professor Fizzwizzle. For example, there are floating power-up balloons that you collect during the game that change either the Fizzball or the bumper. These include faster and slower balls, sticky bumpers, and wider bumpers to name just a few.

Although completely different from the original Professor Fizzwizzle game, Fizzball has the same familiar family feel as its predecessor. The graphics and main character are exactly the same and fans of the first game should feel at home with Fizzball. This game reminded me of a classic breakout game, brought to the barnyard. It was surprisingly fun even though I usually shy away from breakout games. The fact that I was drawn in by this so much is a testament to the quality and hard work the creators of this game have done. Although not quite deserving of the elusive “ 5 star” (patent pending), this is a wonderful game and I would give Fizzball a four out of five.