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Five Card Deluxe

Five Card Deluxe

One of my favorite genres of games is card games. Five Card Deluxe really captured the key to my gaming heart by combining two of my favorite card games, solitaire and poker. The point of this game is to create poker hands from the cards given to you one at a time (in a similar way to solitaire). Once you get five cards in a row that make a poker hand, the slot clears and you can move on to making a new hand.

There are four game modes: Challenge, Freestyle, Jokers Wild and Tournament. Challenge asks you to make specific hands like a three of a kind, a straight and a pair. Once you complete all the required hands, you pass the stage. Freestyle is exactly as it sounds, a free mode where you try to get as many point as possible. It is the same thing for Tournament, score as many points as possible to advance. Finally there is Jokers Wild. This was probably my favorite part of the game as you score a specific number of points to complete the level, but at certain stages, you are rewarded with joker cards. These cards can be used to complete hands and become the best card possible for that particular hand. I thought this was awesome and it allows you to get some hands that would be impossible to wait for (i.e. a royal flush).

Card games are a favorite of mine, but this game was just awesome. I thought the combination of both solitaire and poker worked really well. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys either of these games, as it is incredibly fun and has an infinite replayability. I give this game five out of five stars.

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