Etch A Sketch – Mac Sunday
Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch

Who doesn’t love the classic Etch A Sketch? Everyone had and loved one, but no one was ever good at actually drawing the pictures. Now, your computer can be used to do the exact same thing! This game is now more than just a fun little toy; it is a game derived from the beloved gadget.

There are four game modes: Quest, Bounce, Etch, and Draw. Quest is the main game, where our hero, Knobby, is on a mission to stop the evil witch who stole his girlfriend and turned the world gray. He must travel through a fairytale land and help some friends to get their color back and save his girl. In Bounce, Knobby jumps bounces around a room collecting jewels to get a high score. Etch is self-explanatory; it is an etch a sketch for your computer. Finally, Draw is like Microsoft Paint, where you can draw whatever you want with your mouse.

The Quest mode is played by drawing lines for Knobby to walk on. You can start and stop Knobby from walking too, but clicking the right part of your mouse (that was a problem, as I didn’t have a mouse and had to borrow my friend’s). There are enemies to avoid too, and they can be walked over, or momentarily stopped by drawing a line through them. The same basic principle holds true for Bounce. You draw lines to deflect Knobby in different directions in order to get all the gems.

Overall, this game was pretty fun. It was also cool, because it is like getting 4 games for the price of 1. The only downfall is the childishness of the game. Clearly the target audience is kids from the ages of 4 to 10, but regardless, it is a clever and fun game to play. I would give Etch A Sketch 3 stars out of 5.