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Elythril – The Elf Treasure Review

Elythril – The Elf Treasure Review

Elythril – The Elf Treasure is an original and different kind of match 3 Mac game. Leorna daughter of elf king Halgora is upset over the discord among the elf people. I didn’t know there are so many different kinds of elves, but there are. They are the wood, river, wild, mountain, moon, fire, high, underwater, underground, flying, emerald and elves of the twilight. She decides the only way to unite the many elves is to search for the Elythril, an ancient elf treasure. With this treasure she can bring happiness and accord among the elves.

In order for Leorna to reach her goal she must solve many mysteries. There are locks to unlock in this game of 80 levels. You must surround 3 or more like colors to fill in the empty area. To complete the level all the spaces must be filled in. You will be presented with a board with intricate patterns to color the areas. You move the discs by clicking on it and then clicking on an empty spot on the board to move it. Click at least 3 of the same color discs to surround an area and it will fill in the color of the discs.

That’s the basic play of the game, but there will be obstacles with other colors appearing in spots where you need to reach. Sometimes moving discs around can cause more problems in maneuvering. A bomb bonus will help you move off anything in its path. There are 2 modes of play: easy and hard.

I didn’t find this game engaging but it became more than challenging in the hard mode, but I didn’t really want to go on with the play. I thought the most interesting part of this game was the different elves. They should have developed the story more. The artwork is nicely done. The play is a different type of match 3 but was more a thinking and strategizing game than a fast action exploding gems match 3. Perhaps you have a different opinion so try out the demo to see if you like it.