Drawn: Dark Flight – Mac Sunday
Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn: Dark Flight

Did you like those kiddy pop-up books when you were growing up? They were great with moving parts and colorful layouts. Drawn: Dark Flight brings the pop-up books to life and cleverly uses them to help you solve puzzles. As a sequel to Painted Tower, you begin where the first game left off.

The dramatic beginning will give you a glimpse of what is to come in this puzzle solving game. Iris, the young queen to be, hides herself in a book in order to avoid capture from the evil king who wants to use her artistic talents for wicked purposes. Iris can make a drawing come to life. Imagine the possibilities of someone who can do that. However, before the king could get to her in her tower, the tower collapses burying you underneath the concrete rubble. Your job is to click and point your way out of the mess and explore the town, libraries and other environments to find the 3 light beacons. The lit beacons will light the way and ward off darkness for Iris to become queen.

The play may take you to scenes to discover objects needed to further your game. You may have to go back and forth to find objects and solve many puzzles. All the puzzles appear to be integrated in the game. When the cursor changes to a hand, it indicates you need to pick it up. When a puzzle piece appears, an item is needed. You will also need to “sketch” outlines for things needed in your pursuit of the beacons. You may need to search for things to draw with to complete a picture. There are riddles to solve, pictures and pop-up books to explore in for more objects to use. Once in the books or paintings, you will need to solve puzzles. You may need to repair a painting before you are allow to enter it or save a pirate captain from sharks. In addition there are hints and helps from Franklin, Iris’ guardian and friend.

There’s so much to do in this creative and original point and click/seek and find game. It’s not exactly a hidden object game even though you are looking for objects, but there is no list of objects to search for in one scene full of unrelated items like other games. Everything you do relates to the story and furthers your adventure in this tale. The story is short, but it like the artwork, is charming and enchanting. It will immerse you in this intuitive game to unravel the mysteries of Dark Flight. The voice acting is good and the music is moving. I give it a 4 out of 5 for one awesome game.