Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo And R.I.P – Mac Sunday
Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo And R.I.P

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo And R.I.P

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo

Channel your inner child when playing Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo. This is definitely a kid’s educational and recreational Mac game. It’s colorful with simple artwork to keep any toddler captivated and engaged in this interactive play.

There are many different plays to choose from and your child will be interested in all of them. There are working trucks with funny names like Scoop, Roley and Muck. They all work together with Bob so they can build a wonderful zoo for all the children. Most of the plays are matching color to color and the more difficult game is to put the blueprints in order. Others like finding the tool at the top of the screen and matching it with one under the stack of yellow and orange leaves will peak their curiosities. The cute zoo animals will intrigue your youngsters while looking for their homes.

All the games will let you choose the level of difficulty for your child so not to overwhelm them. In addition Bob will give oral instructions and encouragement to make things pleasant for the little ones.

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo an awesome game for young children will be a happy play with many educational features. Bob is such an iconic figure to kids that they will enjoy interacting with their friend, the trucks and the zoo animals.

R.I.P Review

Descend into the disturbing and twisted world of RIP! This gruesome shooter lets you choose from three different evil characters (Halloween, Death, and the Devil) to try and repel evil animals. It is your goal to protect your evil force field from intruders.

This game reminded me of an old-school video game shooter. You have a turret and you must protect yourself from an onslaught on enemies that are trying to get you. There are over 40 levels and each level is packed with non-stop action. What I did enjoy was the frantic nature of the game. I felt that the enemies would never end. There are also upgrades in the level (like a better gun or bombs) that help you when the enemies become tougher, or start to pile up on you.

This is not my type of game, but I thought it was pretty fun. The graphics were fairly good and I did like the themes, as they had a cartoonish feel (and who doesn’t love cartoons). I would say it is not a great fit for younger kids, though, as it is kind of scary and enemies bleed. The game designers did add a feature to the game (which I found hilarious) which creates flowers instead of blood when you shoot the enemies. Overall, this was a solid game but because I don’t really enjoy these types, I have to give it two and a half stars out of five.