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Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming Review

Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming Review

Well, you should know by now I’m into antiques and flea markets where there are a lot of junk scattered around. I guess that’s why I like Hidden Object games. Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming is just one of the many HOGs around you can explore the items all around a locations. This sequel has many levels and scenes to explore and enjoy.

You can play it either timed for more of a challenge and earn bonuses for completing levels quickly or untimed for a relaxed game to spend an afternoon browsing through things. The story starts out with James and Grace again, but this time they have a son and are visiting Grace’s parents in Montana. To their surprise, the parents announce they have bought the town’s antique store when the owners retired. They want James and Grace to help them furnish and fill the shop with great antiques. Well, James and Grace’s vacation away from their own shop is over when they venture out and acquire items for the parents’ store.

Begin the play by picking out the type of puppy you would like to help you sniff out great antiques. I chose the Dalmatian pup. When you click on the dog, it will sniff out the object you are searching. You, as Grace, travel the United States looking for items in the shop while James stays in Montana caring for their son. You’ll go to different sites with great backgrounds filled with plenty of junk to pick out. The list of objects you need to find are at the bottom of the screen. It’s not your usual list of items but they are clients asking for particular antique item. You search the sites looking for that particular object they requested. If the lettering is red, you will need to find 2 separate items to put together. You can zoom in and find another search area or go to another section like the water plane parked along the lake if you can find the plank to enter the vehicle. I clicked on the ladder and then it disappeared and took a while before I found it again accidentally. Watch out for the picky customers they will ask you for additional tasks. Sell what you find for a profit and earn money to help furnish the empty new storefront.

This sequel has the same great artwork as before, and the homespun Americana feel is still there, and very little is different. If you liked the first game, you’ll like this continuation of James and Grace’s family life as you journey some great American sites. Your grandma may like it also. Mine does. Happy hunting in this solid HOG.